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My progress in the last 6 months has been fantastic. I started at 182 lbs and a body of jello (skinny, but decent sized tummy and soft muscles everywhere). I've turned around my eating habits and almost entirely cut out cookies, candy, chips, soda, fast food, etc. and consistently hit the gym 3-4 times a week.

I'm about 172 lbs now and lost my belly and have a solid body all over. Muscles ripple where I didn't know I had them before (lol). My pecs are looking good, defined and have become mini-man boobs. My abs are a key focus and I'm trying to now go the next level and uncover a six pack. I know the ab muscles are there but diet and cardio takes such strict focus to see them defined. Another bonus is women can't keep their hands off my ass - fantastic.

My workouts consists of 15 min stretching/stationary ab work, 30 min of lifting, 10 min of ab work, and 15 min of running... putting me at an avg 70min workout time. Then always a good amount of protein within 45 min. I'm lean as shit now and sooooo happy with the way my body is turning out. Workout ftw!
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