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Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
Had to be a hydroplane situation because if DSC was on it is really nearly impossible to spin the car at low to moderate speeds. At the BMW PC they put you on the wet skidpad, and have you floor the car. It will NOT break loose no matter what.
Exactly...dude sorry for your loss. My advice.
1) If you didn't do the BMW M school or Performance Delivery or Drivers Skills course...take one of them before your next M purchase or with your delivery. The put you on a wet skid pad in 500+hp M5 and M6's and you go round and round for like 1/2 hr to 45mins just trying to break the car loose and control it when it does....not saying it may have saved your car but definately a skill I think is well learned after seeing your car post accident.

2.) Never ever drop full coverage especially on a $60k+ car! No matter what someone tells you unless its a clunker worth less than the deductible or you're insanely rich! Remember...Its not always what you do but what is or may be done to you by the other guy in this case mother nature that will leave you azz'd out of $$ eating pizza in the rain!

3) Get a quote and then maybe sell it for parts to use as a down payment on a new car. Hopefully you don't owe anything to the bank on the car otherwise if you're hosed and out some serious cash. Hope not. If so then man lesson least you walked away with both feet/legs/head attached. Lots of folks driving lesser cars would have likely gotten themselves an EMS ride to the nearest trauma center also!

Good luck
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