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I know that BMW does not have to prouve anything, but a good M3 is still not a pure sport car as the 911 for example. BMW does not have any car tat can rival with the 911, R8, let us say SLS, F430, coming F450, Gallardo, Corvette, LF-A, and the no more existing NSX. BMW should either do a less high perforamance car, a Z6, front engine, RWD, and two seats, available in Coupe an Cabrio.
Z6 sDrive40i: 3.0l I6 TT 326hp
Z6 sDrive50i: 4.4l V8 TT 449 hp
and the top BMW model a
Z6 M: 4.4l V8 TT with the future M5 F10 engine that should make 590 hp and rev up to 7.5K that does not weigh more than 1650 kg, best under 1600 kg.
Another really high perfomrance car would need to be the M1 with higher deplaced I6, rear-engine, RWD an two seats.
M1: 3.6-3.8l I6 TT whit more than 550 hp that rev over 8.0Kand all this in a car that does not weigh more than 1250 kg, better less than 1200 kg. I do believe BMW is able to make this, but it seems that there are no reasons for this. Can anybody tell me what are the reasons for a 2400 kg 4WD automatic transmission TT low-rev X5 and X6 M? However BMW MUST build a M3 CSL E92, and I do believe it will sell, for it will be the last High-Rev NA M car.