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With regard to the photos found at the C&D link the OP provided, the sedan looks like a natural enough evolution from the current sedan, which IMO looks unspectacular, to say the least. The Gran Tourismo thing is rather bizzare looking, albeit minivan-ish. That said, I would think the coupe will look nice enough insofar as it's damn hard to make a two-door car look completely ugly.

In any case, I'd probably still buy them because, quite frankly, I've never been a big fan of the looks of BMW's; I buy them for the way they drive. As long as the ergonomics and driving characteristics (and my willingness to drive true manual trannies) remain the same and/or get even better, I'll keep buying them.

I'm OK with them having slight echos of the Mazda, just please don't let them start to resemble PT Cruisers!!!

Given what I've seen of the current and upcoming crop of Bimmers, I'd speculate that some designer there has a bovine fetish. Next time you are in a cow pasture or at a rodeo, check out the head-on appearance of an infuriated bull (piss off the beast yourself AYOR) and then envision the beast's stylized countenance were it drawn by a comic book artist and that's about what the new 5er's and the artist's rendering of the 3er seem to look like, complete with flared olfactory elements.

(BTW, who ever thought the BMW grill openings look like kidneys? Had that individual ever actually seen a kidney? I guess I buy that moniker for the vintage models whereupon the grills were more vertical than horizontal...)

My favorite body styles were the previous iteration of the 5 (Mid 90's), and the 3's and 6's from two designs ago (late 80's to early 90's). Indeed, the 6 from that era is easily one of the best looking cars one can buy from among all cars made before or since, IMO.