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Originally Posted by irdoc View Post
Waited for a month or two and finally got the trim cover and controller in. Ripped out my old trim and plugged in my new CIC controller and, to my dismay, it didn't work!

Anyone else have problems with this plug-n-play mod? My E92 M3 is a 01/2008 build... could that be the problem? The other issue is that the part number for the controller they sent me was 65-82-9213-309 which my dealer said was for a replacement of 65-82-9189-048. I thought this was the problem but another member's recent post with those great pictures showed the new part number1 (even though he listed the old one as the one to get).

Needless to say, I'm extremely bummed. Anyone have any ideas?
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Thanks for pointing out that my controller P/N was different from the one that I actually ordered. I did not pay attention to that as the dealer did not informed me of the superceded part before shipping, and just because it just worked in my 05/08 production M3 right away.

The only thing that I can think of is that the two major changes in the MY2008 production was the M-DCT and the TCU, and both were performed after 04/08. The -309 controller is a brand new part from production 03/09-on, and the -048 controller was valid until 03/09. So it is either a hardware, software or both changes in the -309 controller. The -309 part is so new that neither, Tischer or United BMW have this part listed yet.

In other words, discarting that your controller may be defective from factory/shipping/handling, the other possibility is that for your particular production of 01/08 the controller that will work is the -048 and not the -309. There's another controller for the Coupe as well, 65 82 9 189 050, however, there's member KKSigua M3 Coupe of production date 05/08 that's also using the -048 controller without issues according to his posts.

I would say, try your controller in any other production date 3 Series with iDrive to see if it works in another car at all. At least you need to know first if the controller is not defective. Then you can determine if this is a production date issue. In the meantime I will be posting in my other thread a caution note about this issue.