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Originally Posted by SWOLE View Post
i thought I saw both 4 and 8 ohm speakers on the internet. It was an online stereo/speaker warehouse. I can't find it now, however, so I am probably wrong in that statement. I can only find 2 and 4 ohm variants.

Let me ask this: Couldn't I just add a 4 ohm resistor before the sub to simulate a total resistance of 8 ohms?

If I could find a direct replacement 8 ohm sub would I even notice a difference in the sound?

Thanks again for your help!
Definitely adding a 4 ohms resistor should keep the OEM from overheating. However, you will be reducing the power to the SWS-8 in half -slightly less than OEM levels- by doubling its impedance which defeats the purpose of increasing the performance of the OEM subs.

The SWS-8 requires plenty of power to really hit hard, and after my experiment of swapping the OEM woofers with SWS-8, I basically concluded that the improvement was mostly due to the OEM amp putting out almost double its OEM power, from around 150W peak at 7 ohms to 250W-260W peak at 4 ohms than due to anything else. The OEM woofer can hit pretty decent bass if you tweak the EQ bass bands, but the advantage of the SWS-8 is that they hit deeper and cleaner, with this "thuuuump" instead of "thuump" if you know what I mean.

That requires much more power than what the OEM amp can safely produce...