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Originally Posted by H2 View Post
Here's a story I came across. I don't know exactly what it is saying, but after running it through one of the translation websites (which didn't work very well), I think I agree with most of it.
Just for future reference, I have made a translation
(I know, late, etc...)

A car is emotion. I think I'd be honestly emotional at the day someone whispers to me: "go find yourself a nice BMW M3 at my costs!".

When you buy a car that starts from 107,400 EUR (150,700 USD), it should be totally according your taste. You just want to have it in the color that suits you most. Even if that is a smurf blue M3.

That is exactly what one of the forum visitors of was thinking when he ordered his smurf blue M3. A little difference however: the USA M3 starts from 57,500 USD (45,000 EUR). Then, even if you would care about the consequences of the smurf blue color of your care regarding the future trade-in value of your car, it wouldn't be such a big deal as it would be in The Netherlands.