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Dude your just taking creatine and protein?

Ok the protein is cool. But maybe try a higher carb protein. Im currently using Muscle science mega grow. Its a really good protein and it doesnt taste half bad

Have you ever tried moving onto a more serious supplement? No im not saying testo packs or roids..

Last year when i was in grade 11 i was crap scared of playing with matrics! I was already gyming but i started taking Animal Pack, Animal m-stak (non hormonal anabolic stack) and Animal Pump and for the first month Animal Nitro. Sure its $$ but you only need m-stak and pump. pack is vitamins and nitro was amino acids.

Ok. basically Animal pump is a monohydrate creatine. It'll give you that boost in muscle size and gives you veins like a beast!!! It also has a red energy pill which does help at gym.

Animal m-stak (non hormonal anabolic stack)(protein synthesis = EAT EAT EAT :P) is a hard gaining supplement. It makes you eat like a mother!! but wow. I picked up 8kg's over 2 months and yes muscle! no fat! i was on a high protein low carb diet and trained 6 times a week! When using this, you need to gym at least 4 times a week and since it will make you eat so much, avoid carbs!!!

This combo is insane and will definitely help you!!! but hey, dont take my word for it. The "Animal" supplement brand has a guarantee on every product. If your not satisfied with it. You can return it within that month. Trust me... You wont.. Try it out helped me out a lot with my rugby and made the bigger, older matrics look like panzys :P

And like drift said. Put those small extra pounds on!!! the more you rip, the more they grow

Weight training is not natural for our bodies, You have to work and eat hard. With my chest work out ill go until i fail at 3 reps. E.g ill warm up with the bar, then 60kg's, 70kg's, 80kg's, 90kg's, 100kg's then ill put 120 on, do 3 reps and go onto the next exercise. Low reps with high weights = muscle gain. High reps with low weights = toning. Balance them no one likes a fat piece of bulk :P

Take a look at it: And yes. Its safe.

Oh and running or any other cardio will help you get more lean!
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