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Originally Posted by DJP View Post
Well, I just picked up my car after having a module replaced and the software updated, and I am pleased to report that the lag is pretty much gone! Driving in default D2, it is much more sprightly after braked & re-application of throttle. I got used to the old lag, but this is very much improved. Essential update.
What exactly is the update?

I've just emailed my local service department as per copy below showing their response..... aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!

My email to them:

"...Can you let me know whether a software update exists yet for the "Delayed Throttle Response" on the MDCT transmission?

I've been led to believe there's a new ISTA/P version (E089-09-03-510 or higher) which goes some way to eliminating throttle response on downshift in a low Drivelogic program..."

Drop me a mail back with any info you've got!


Their reply:

"...That version number doesn't seem to be known by BMW so I would have to say currently there is no up date.


Comprehensive details of update that UK delaers will understand would be fantastic if anyone has them...??