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Bmw's basic job is to produce sport sedans. Bmw is best at this job for a very long time. So, Bmw is doing its job good, right?

One basic argument for not producing a super car is;
"You can fell sporty image in every class of Bmw, from 1 series to 7, we do not need a supercar like Mb or Audi to have the image of being sporty"

Ok, somewhat true, Bmw is not pruducing shitty fwd cars like MB or Audi.
We can fell driving pleasure in every class, thanks to rwd, sharp steering wheel, well-tuned chassis etc...

But I do not think there is enough reason not to produce a super car.

The basic reason is economical. Bmw do not want to take the risk of a new platform which will not be profitable.

They cancel M3 CSL because of economical reasons, producing a super car
for Bmw is like light years away, that is the fact, I am sorry

What I imagine for M1 is;
6 liter twin turbo V10 with 700 hp / 800 Nm, under 1500 kg with manual transmission, so it will not be Paris Hilton's car like SLR