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Hon Yee

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I don't think this test is adequate. I have used non run flat as well as run flat tires. My own personal experiences with them is that when new, both types of tires gives a good quality ride. However, after couple of weeks, both tires becomes hard. Sometimes they become soft again. I suspected that the brake dust had sometime to do with it. So I wash my tires every 3 days with a paint brush and car wash detergent (the type without the waxing feature). You will notice that the rubber looks darket and feel softer. Now I am able to maintain that new tire comfort ride consistantly. They need to run the test for a month without rain or washing to see if the rubber react with the brake dust. Since they mentioned that the rubber compound is the same as before, the 3G tires might become hard about couple weeks of city driving. Just my 2 cents. But I've been pleaque with this problem for years, and I have gained much from this web site. I just though I register today and share my findings. Doesn't cost much or harm in trying this method. And I'm not selling anything. Hope it will help those who are stuck with a harsh ride.