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The pole intruded roughly 18" into the engine compartment.

Block was cracked, front axle broke on the left side. Engine and trans fluid spilled out of the car along with chunks of metal at the scene, so I imagine the damage was catastrophic. Managed to get the JB3 out of the DME box and gave it to my salesman at JMK BMW. He'd been thinking about one since driving my 1er, but hadn't gotten around to it.

Not sure about the condition of the DPs. Engine had moved back several inches, so very possible that there's exhaust damage, but body shop guy said it MAY be ok.

Seeing the damage, and how far the pole intruded into the engine compartment, I'm extraordinarily impressed with how the car performed. Absolutely no damage in the interior, dash didn't move an inch.

As you can see, airbag coverage is awesome. Top half of passenger compartment was COMPLETELY covered, including B Pillar.
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