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Originally Posted by hen
It's all relative, one parent may spend a large part of their income on a honda civic and another may spend an equal percentage income on a new 3 series. by looking at it as a fraction of their income it becomes less absurd; the kids are simply fitting into the formula. The problem lies in how people see them in comparison to themselves. adults driving any car are going to be upset when a kid drives a nicer car in any situation. Solvency lies in realizing that every person has different amounts of money and it is ignorant to criticize a group of more privlidged offspring for simple recieving a car their parents deem reasonable. I think the problem that is really being addressed is much deeper than just cars; the problem trully lies in a general degredation of civility in american society. now, unlike some kids on this forum, i am telling you that i am a 20yr old who got a new 3 series coupe in high school only to hopefully show that there are kids who see and understand the issue at hand. the look on adults faces when i would pull up next to them in a far more expensive car is more than heart wrenching; it crushes you. you feel like the exact stereotype that is being imposed upon you. i think this topic has a lot more life in and would enjoy discussing it further.

i'm hoping this might bring some insight on to how varying kids opinions can be on this subject. it is by no means black and white.
hahah I feel like that when I look at ugly people! It's heart wrenching
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