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Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
I am talking about a driving experience...or u telling me you rather have a Q7 V12 tdi (based on the audi as you mencioned) thats most likely faster and as more pulling power than an m3???

typical from you americans to confuse power with "pleasure".
You know, on of THE best m cars ever, is the original e30 you know how many hp it had and torque?? check it might even surprise you to know that your 135i as a lot more power than that car did, but pitch both against one another and see wich one is the best!

Also read the reviews on the R8 tdi concept

I never said any of the above. And yes, I am familiar with the e30 M3. I find it intriguing that a cultured and sophisticated European such as yourself can't see any pleasure in a diesel. Have you seen the reviews on the 335d, especially those done on the Euro version. Less power than the 335i but somehow the testers found much the same pleasure.

Also interesting how you accuse us Americans of confusing power for pleasure when you, being an all-knowing European, are certainly aware of the fact that diesels do not have the same power as their gasoline counterparts.

So wait then. The e30 M3 has a lot less power than the 135i but yet it's the better car per your European official statement. Therefore, following your circle of logic, a diesel 335d with less power than the current M3 is also the better car, because remember, we don't want to confuse power with pleasure.
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