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Originally Posted by Croatian View Post
Smhw do not like that name, smells of Audi's "s-line" package
Originally Posted by ryanchua View Post
This smells like a M-Spec version (i.e. sport seats, badges, m stickers, sills, steering wheels, performance line equipped cars (brakes/suspension) etc) of all baseline cars readily available when launched. Unlike speccing up the models at the end of each model run....

But honestly it just looks like they're just renaming lumping in their BMW performance parts into standard cars and creating a new line for that. Unlike people buying the parts in bits and pieces now.
M Sport of any engine or model already exists for us in Europe

From 118i to 750i including all diesels. Just look and spec your car here

Audi has S Line, Merc has Sport including AMG additions and extras, BMW has M Sport including M badged extras. We all know its not a real ///M. We are not trying to decieve anyone. Just nice to have a good looking car with M trinkets with a 2.0d engine and 215 bhp (with tuning box)