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I will be interested to hear you guy's results after wednesday

Mine has it a bit but can be driven in a way that makes it not 'too' annoying! Say when reversing out of a space, I find that if I just dab the brakes a little whilst the car is still rolling backwards and almost stopped, and then select 'Drive' and wait for the car to take up the drive BEFORE depressing the throttle, it seems to make for a swifter get away.

f I try and give it some beans a bit too early, it almost makes me wait for me to lift off the gas before giving you 'drive'

Strange! Can be a little annoying but as I say, I seem to be able to drive mine and get round the issue a little. Some seem to suffer more than others? Not sure why.

If any guys who get it done can post the EXACT details of the update, it will help the others out in asking for the right update to be done.