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At the end of the day, RFTs are not useful in their current form, and in this new form. The price you pay is 20-30% more for a tire that gives you less. The fact of the matter is, on the current 2G tires you cannot drive very far while they are flat, otherwise, as the article state, you cook in the inside lining of the tire and then its useless, and you end up replacing the tire anyways, at the much higher pricepoint. We have gone through about 4 RFTs (Michelin's, not Bridgestone) becuase when they went flat and were driven on (in one case literally driven 300 ft) they were useless because the inner walls started to shave off pieces inside the wheel. I doubt the new tires will fix this issue regardless of whatever new shrinking technology they have.

At the end of the day, the price is too high to pay is too high. Thankfully, I have never experienced a flat tire at highway speeds, but if anyone wants to chime in on what that is like, please do. I switched to regular tires, and I dont think I will ever look back. Mobility kit FTW!