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Thanks again to everyone for all the positive comments. From the previous threads on Dakar Yellow, I really thought the color would turn a lot of people off. I always enjoy seeing all the white, silver and black M3s on this forum as they helped to inspire my own car. However, my last two cars were silver so when I went shopping for an M3 I felt ready for a big change.

I bought the car from Scott Bradley at Rasmussen BMW in Portland Oregon. Scott was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone buying a BMW. I have been lurking on M3 post and other forums for a couple years and spent a considerable amount of that time trying to figure out what color I wanted and how I might modify the car. I originally decided on Kyalami Orange and Scott put a lot of effort into getting BMW to paint me an M3 in that color, but they just would not do it. However, as a compromise they agreed to paint a car in Inka Orange. After some consideration I agreed to the color and went to the dealership to give them a deposit, but when I arrived I found out that a mistake had been made by BMWNA who said they could not give me a car in Inka. I took a few more weeks to think through options and finally settled on Dakar Yellow. I was a little nervous about Dakar because I could only find a few pics of an E92 M3 in Dakar that had been delivered in Europe. The car didnít look fantastic and was criticized by many in the forums. However, I thought that with black trim in the right places and the right mods the car could look very good.

As soon as I ordered the car, I called Ilia and we began our discussions about how to modify it. He and Nate were tremendous help and steered me gently in the right direction on everything while still making sure the car was what I wanted. I had originally planned on having mat black accents, but Ilia and Nate correctly advised me that matching the existing gloss trim would be the way to go. One conversation after another, we made modding decisions and began to build a vision of the car. Ilia and I had dozens of conversations and discussed in detail dozens of different options and how they might affect performance or esthetics. This car just would not have been possible without my friends at IND. They really are the best experts available for modifying an M3.

By the time the car arrived, I had almost all of the parts from IND and most of the assembly took place at Rasmussen. I took a few days off from work and camped out at Rasmussen. I took my laptop to stay current on my work but I literally camped there and arrived as early as 6:30am one morning which is when my mechanic Adam started work. On another evening I stayed until after 9pm while the clear bra was being installed. Everyone there was so kind and helpful -- they were just outstanding. Some of the staff began to ask if I worked there and before I left with the car there were more than a dozen employees greeting me by name when I entered the store. It really was a very exciting time for me and they were all great people to share it with. One day at lunch I bought a few pizzas and I had lunch with most of the staff in their lunch room. They all talked to me about the car and shared stories about their own. They made me feel welcome and made my purchase very special.

There are so many people at Rasmussen that I want to thank -- Scott Bradley who got me the car and a big thanks to Pete and Adam who did great work on the car and treated it as if it were their own. I also want to thank Matt, Ryan, Nate, Ty, John, Liz, Aron, Diane and all the rest of the staff who treated me so well -- you are a great bunch of people!

I attached a few more pics below as a reward for anyone who read all way through my drivel. I plan to post more pics later that show the car before the modifications as well as various stages throughout.
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Dakar Yellow E92 M3
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