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Waiting to hear from insurance, but I'm positive it's totalled.

All the airbags deployed, I'll get up the pic I took. They work well, everything is completely covered (windows, hard points), and the drivers airbag didn't hurt at all. I didn't even get bruised on my chest.

I'll have to see what insurance says, but I'll likely part out what survived. It's at the BMW bodyshop, I'll see if I can talk them into pulling the interior out (assuming a total).

As for replacing the car, I'm undecided. I may pick up a Z4MC or another S2K along with something comfortable, safe, and preferably AWD, or I may look at an E92 M3 now that there are such good deals, look at that new S4, or maybe pick up another 135i. I'll really have to see what insurance offers me for the car.

I also want to finish getting all these tests done to make sure nothing is wrong (EEG, CT, echo, etc)
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