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Interestingly, the tirerack tire survey rates the RE050 at the top of their category, and the RE050 RFT at the bottom of their category. The base tire is a pretty good performance tire.

I’m still worried about unsprung weight. Stock wheel/tires weigh 60lbs when they should weigh 40lbs. Half of that is the wheels, half is the tire (+5lbs for RE050, +5lbs for runflat). The base tire is pretty heavy to begin with. All in all, there is too much unsprung weight under there. With stiff sidewalls, the tires don’t stay on the pavement too well.

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These sound interesting, but a true test for those of us with the mod bug will be how well do they stick? I really do like the implied safety that the RFT's provide, but when pushed my OEM (i guess 2g RFT's) turn over quicker than a hooker eager to eat the pillow...where as you get no traction from the rear!

Anyways, I hope they addressed the harse ride (the tires not the hooker) and the stickiness of the TIRE. I would love for someone to get these on a car and do some real world testing, some runs at the drag strip and some closed course runs. If the reviews would come in very favorably to non-RFT's then I would be happy to purchase these as replacement tires or at least consider them.