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Originally Posted by dontask View Post
You're probably right - but if you can't source a new engine for a reasonable price, you're basically screwed (unless you're a crook and going to rebirth one! So watch out if you have a jezza black M3 with cream interior!

Seriously though, you can source a crate engine for a late model HSV without too many dramas... the M3? Not so much...
You’re right that the engine is the issue here – not easy to get a new one and a second hand one is obviously out of the question. If the engine had of been OK then there’s a chance at fixing it but having said that the auction price would have been far higher. However I wouldn’t want to buy it no matter how well it was fixed.

Who buys these types of cars at auction and then what happens to them is quite interesting. Hopefully full disclosure is made to buyers but its probably doubtful.