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Originally Posted by bdh2009 View Post
Thatís actually not an unusual return for auctioning a late model prestige car of this type. The auction price is around 40-45% of the pre accident market value because the insurer would have replaced it with a new one in all probability (less than 2 years old). On this basis Iíve seen returns for late models HSVs and the like much higher in the past. The average return for flood damaged vehicles across the board is around 30% which includes old and newer models. Go figure !
You're probably right - but if you can't source a new engine for a reasonable price, you're basically screwed (unless you're a crook and going to rebirth one! So watch out if you have a jezza black M3 with cream interior!

Seriously though, you can source a crate engine for a late model HSV without too many dramas... the M3? Not so much...

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