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Originally Posted by lugnut View Post

This seems to back up what I've been hearing. I agree that it doesn't make sense, but how BMW handled this entire changeover didn't make sense either. My salesman was shocked when some 08 5 series cars that weren't supposed to have the LCI controller showed up w/ them, while other 08 5ers got screwed. My father was pretty upset too when his brand new 2009 X5d came with the old system, yet my girlfriend's 2009 335xi, along with basically every other 2009 model, gets the new CIC system. It really shouldn't be this difficult to deliver systems across a brand at the same time.
It seems to me that BMW is having either a parts supply problem or they are restricting so much the new parts inventories to save money that they don't have any other choice but to continue using old parts until they are gone. That could explain what happened with the 5/6-Series iDrive (especially when they are going to be replaced in 12-15 months) , but not with the X5/6, as these vehicles are of a way more recent platform than the E60 and they are going to be in their current form for quite a long time.

I think that this "hybrid" CIC with low resolution screen in the 2010 X5/6 is either a misunderstanding or simply not true. Let's see...