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Originally Posted by lugnut View Post
Correct Technic. I got my CIC and my CCC mixed up. The X5/6 is supposed to have the LCI controller and CIC user interface (including Hard Drive, etc) but using the older CCC low res screen. What I think will be possible, and what the guys at my dealership are saying, is that once this "hybrid" system comes out for the X's, it should be an easy swap into our CCC cars. Plus it saves a couple grand since you won't have to spring for the HD screen if you don't want to.
That doesn't make any sense, IMO... the X5/6 should have exactly the same iDrive system -including the HD screen, the main point of the new iDrive- as the 5-, 6- and 7- Series not something lower in quality than even the 3-Series.