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I shut the car down for about 10-15 minutes and leave the 2009.1 disc in the car. When I go back to start the car, I notice the 2009.1 disc works! I go to [i], which are the points of interest, on "Current Location," choose "Car and Travel" submenu , and choose "Speed and Red Light Cameras", did a search for 100 miles, and the screen shows me a listing of all the cameras. Screen shows the approximate miles away and these weird jumbled letters that don't make any sense. I go back to my map display, and viola! All the red light cameras are displayed on the map. I turn the car off. Turn the car back on, and the cameras are still displayed on the map. This is great!

Furthermore, I noticed that when I started the car again, I was NOT confronted with the Warning Screen wherein you have to click ACCEPT. The screen immediately showed the previous screen I was looking at before I shut the car off (which was the first menu within the navigation menu).

Update: Okay, I had the car off for about 30 min. When I started it again, I was greeted with the Warning Screen and I had to click Accept. Oh well. At least the red light camera information was still displayed on the map.

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