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Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
Our first task was to leave Portland for the mountains of Oregon. With thousands of turns, sheer drops, and some of the smoothest road surfaces available in the US,
Ummmmm, smooth roads my a@@!!! Oregon roads are some of the worst rutted roads in the Nation, thanks to arcane laws that allow studded tires from November to April.

Come on, admit that you weren't wondering who put the gravel road in the middle of the freeway! If you didn't notice you are deaf, or have no feeling in your rump.

OK, some of the snow covered roads in the mountains can be smooth because they don't see bare pavement during 'stud' season. I've lived in Chicago, so while frost heaves and pot holes are bad, the ruts here are worse...

Sorry for the rant, our roads just torque me off...

Nice car by the way- those wheels look similar to the RAC wheels (kinda if you squint!).

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