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Nitto NT-01s in 245/275-40/18 are very good performers, factor in the price and they are hard to beat.

I run them at 37-39psi hot. Good wear pattern and temperature differential with no significant roll-over using -1.8 camber front and rear w/ Dinan plates and springs. Car is nearly neutral, very slight understeer.

The require little warm up, on a hot day I can push from pit out. In the cold they need half a lap, frustrating those on Hoosiers and Cups.

I drive to the track with them and with a full tread they're very manageable in the wet unless there's standing water, drove two wet/drying sessions with them nearly bald and they were better than I would have thought possible, no snap spin tendencies with careful throttle control, drifts predictably in the wet and maintains decent grip.

Tire starts out grippy as sticker tires, and then gets faster as it wears to a slick with two sipes til the wear indicators are almost gone, so lots of life for your money. They seem quite resistant to heat cycling, wearing to the bone. Behavior is much like the old Toyo RA1. Same amount of stick to R888 to me, but with more life. Supposedly the NT-01 is a modified RA-1, Nitto is a Toyo company.

They only give up about a second to Hoosier R6 in their prime on a 90 second lap at my local track. About equal to worn out Hoosiers.