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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I guess the miles/laps metric depends on the average speed of the track, but the sessions I am in are usually about 20-25 minutes with some exceptions of longer sessions. So that's about 80-90 minutes a day? At Limerock, that would mean something like 75-80 laps a day maybe. I destroyed my front PS2s that came with the car in pretty much exactly 4 dry track days. I was a bit worried about using them again last week thinking they might be destroyed in the rain as well, but they held up fine then--obviously because of the slower speeds and lower temps.

Thanks for the info Lucid thats the kind of data I needed.

We have a 180deg turn that can be taken between 60-80 kph that ate my front PS2s in no time, I had to back way off to 60 kph just to keep the tire reasonable for one day. I have noticed with the H&R sports plus, and extra camber from an alignement that I can hold this above 70kph without ill affect, I am hoping that with some camber plates and NT01s to push beyond 80kph as this corner exits onto the front straight so the most important turn on the track and really shows the weak point in the front suspension design.