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Originally Posted by attila View Post
I run BFG R1 265/35 front, 285/30 rear.
I keep the PS2 as "wet" tires.
My original impression was that the BFG R1 has higher limits in every sense but when you aproach that limit they are somewhat less predictable. I feel the PS2 has wider transition zone before give away. The BFG R1 lost tracktion all of a sudden a couple of times when I thought I still have good adhesion. I have never spin the car with the PS2s but I did it 2 times with the BFG R1. They are more sensitive to pressure changes, need more warm up, but they never become soft or greasy with my driving. They did improved my lap times.
I am not too experienced on the track, so take my assessment with a grain of salt.
I think bringing a set of PS2s as wet track backup works well, and several of us here seem to be doing exactly that.

I've found the BFG R1s to be more forgiving than I expected--provided they are up to temp. Regardless, with them, you need to react and countersteer much earlier than you would with street tires. When they are cold, they are unforgiving, and will snap oversteer--not much of a warning. PS2s will scream for a reasonable amount of time before they let go. They'll give you plenty warning in other ways even when they are greasy. With the R1s, the audial warning is more like an aggressive tire bite than a scream, but you need to be listening for it. I like their pricing at around $250/tire.

I currently have 4.5 days on them or so, and would like to get at least 8 days out of this set, and looking at tread wear, that should be possible.