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I am running a square set of Nitto NT-01 275/35/18.

I never had them heat cycled and just started lapping with them brand new. They were very grippy right off the bat and after the first day they got even better. After 10 days at the track, they are still holding up very well. I expect them to last me the rest of the season, about 3 more events or 6 more days, maybe more. I haven't noticed any degradation of grip after all the heat cycles so far and based on other people's experiences with these tires, I don't think that will ever be an issue for the tires' tread life. They have gradually become more of a slick and grip has been more tenacious as the weather has become warmer.

Because they are a square set, I have the luxury of rotating them periodically. Left to right, front to back, to even out the wear. This seems to work really well. The shoulders are holding up well despite the stock camber I run with and I'm very pleased with their performance, although I suspect some camber up front would be very beneficial with these tires.

I had them on a wet track once, but never again. It was an adventure, especially under braking. I use my stock PS2s as wet tires now.

I run the Nittos 39-40 psi hot front and back. Feels very well balanced in the square configuration. The tires are also very predictable for an R-compound and will let the driver know when their limits are approached. This attribute of the tires has remained consistent since day one.

I love these tires and would buy another set. I used to have Toyo RA-1s as well as R888s and although those were on a different car, I still think I like the NT-01s more overall. Best part about the Nittos are that they are relatively cheap.

I will also consider BFG R1s for next season but may just stick with another set of these Nittos since it looks like they last longer.
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