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Originally Posted by askiles View Post
The E90 & E92 systems should be different from Remus, one having longer tips. If not, I suppose you would cut the connecting pipes shorter for the E90, so that it will be sucked in more. You will have to have a shop re-weld the stock exhaust back on if you want it back on. Hence the downfall to systems where you have to cut your stock exhaust.

Remus has one system for the E9X M3, it fits E90/92/93 no problem.
How far the tips stick out is determined by the mechanic, and how far back he cuts the pipe. After all, there is limited play with the hangars.

If you want to return to OEM, yeah, you just re-weld the OEM on, simple as pie.

Also, REMUS does not offer a midpipe for the M3. Wanna know why? They make the OEM Midpipe. They make the entire OEM exhaust, actually. So they just designed the systems to work together, and the midpipe is high-flowing enough that they didn't see the need to eliminate it, like they do on many cars.

We have one in stock if you want better pictures or something.