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Arrow DOT-R Tires Discussion

Title says it all. How are the different R-compound tires working with our E9X Ms on the track?

Below is an exchange copied from another thread to get this going.

Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
What type of track rubber did you order?
Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I am going with another set of the R888's.The Toyo race tire distributor is a client of mine and now that I am running the proper pressures in them they seem to work ok.They are not the quickest tires and they are a extremly forgiving tire to large slip angles which makes them very easy to drive on.I just flipped the fronts on the rims as I am not running enough camber and as this weekend will be the 1st time on a faster track,I will get a proper feel for the balance of this car in some 4 th gear corners.A little bit of understeer at Mosport is a good thing and is the faster way round than a loose car.
Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I might need a new set of tires next month, and I've been looking into the R888s. They are $50/tire than the BFG R1s. I'm actually happy with the R1s, but looking at options anyway. How would you compare the two?
Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
The R1's are not avaiable in Canada unless I buy them them from Tire Rack or import them myself.I find the R888's to be a slow responding tire even compared to my 19" PS2 street tires but they seem to be holding up quite well.The only other R's that I have been on the last 8 years have been Hoosier's which were Grand-Am cup takeoffs & Khumo Victoracers and of the 2,I much prefer the Hoosiers as they are an extremly sharp tire but they did not tolerate improper alignment settings very well but I was getting them for $50/tire with 1 heat cycle on them.