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Originally Posted by Neil McRae View Post
PUMA is a US thing.
The latest software call ISTA/P is supposed to help but not cure this issue.

Reprogram w. current ISTA/P
Target integration E89x-09-03-510, or higher

I'm just wondering if this really is fault with the car. With the E46 smg in auto mode on A1 would take forever to change gears so you used A5 - is the lag still there in D5? I've driven over half a dozen DCT cars and not felt this lag. (BTW not saying there isn't a lag just wondering if the other modes cure it?)

I guess the 09-03 means march this year?

PUMA is a UK thing as well, my dealer has already quoted me this. My car is going in next Friday for ignored down shift request and lag issue. I have printed all the stuff out and called service to advise about SIB and roundtable. I will be asking for latest software for ISTA/P. Also, the SIB does say that this software 'significantly improves the throttle response' and 'in order to completely eliminate the delay sensation, as described above, the customer needs to operate the M dct in the manual mode'

The software is also available under warranty according to the SIB.