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Originally Posted by biglare View Post
Love the color!

Can't wait for some pics in the sun.
I'll be posting some more shots this evening, after I get back to my place. None outside just yet, but when I take delivery on Fri. I will make sure to take some.

On a somewhat ironic note, biglare, when I was signing my contract I noticed something a bit unusual. Under the color box, Brilliant White had been filled in. Kinda unusual, I thought.

Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
Very nice, almost like Estoril but I like this better. Are you the same guy who ordered some Brembos in the same finish?
Definately not me.....but I am partial to Brembos.

Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
Nice color! I assume it was a special order color like Brilliant White.....Like a $5K option, right?

Btw, I live in the Dallas area also.
Yes it is a special order/individual car like the BW car, and it is a bit pricey. To me it is worth the cost. To others it is probably not.

Originally Posted by Blake View Post
nice color! do you go to any of the local meets?
Not really as of yet. I was thinking of coming up the Sat. coffee and cars event sometime. It still going on?