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Secodary Cat Delete + AFE Filter = Great Success

Hello All,

I just wanted to share with you my new mods and my thoughts afterward in case anyone wants to go this route. I bought an OEM midpipe off a fellow member here with secondary cats delted. I then bought an AFE dry filter as well.

My goal was to remain as close to stock in appearance as possible. Also, I wanted to keep volume at a manageable level and really just pipe-up the current system. I had heard the AA system and that was way too loud. I like the tuner bits as much as the rest of you, but I wanted to preserve the daily drivablility of this car as much as possible as this is the only car I drive. That and at 26 years old (I know some of you will flame me for this) it seems a bit silly to be putting loud exhausts on a nice car.

On top of this all, I didn't want to spend several grand before installation on a complete system and also I needed to be able to easily return to stock.

Cost breakdown was:
OEM midpipe - $450 + $150 installation
AFE Dry filter - $40 Shipped.

Total - $640 out of pocket. Not Bad.

On to my reactions:
This setup is very much like stock until you get on the throttle, and that I like very much. The secondary cat delete has sort-of unmuted the great tone that this exhaust can produce. b/w 3k and 4k sounds much like the hum of an M5! Sounds great! Also, I hear slight downshift and throttle lift backfire pops which also is awesome. There is added rasp and tone to the engine note that I feel was missing before.

I would post vids, but I find that they help very little unless your exhaust sounds radically different than stock. This sounds a little louder, with better tone, and more rasp/aggressiveness. I am very happy I was able to acheive my goal without spending a shit load of money.

You guys should seriously consider something similar. Hope this helps those of you that are weary of purchasing a big ticket exhaust when you only want a little more sound.

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