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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
More pic's please!
Did you see the other thread for the drive home?

I will post more pics this weekend as I have been out of town for the past couple of weeks

Originally Posted by Voltigeur View Post
Looks fab! ... and +1 to the after-mkt query.

I'm getting my ED car in next 2 weeks or so and you're making me think I need to add a few items How did this come about, and do you have standard full warranty / maintenance?
I do have the warranty/maintenance, however only the BMW and DINAN parts will be under warranty from BMW/DINAN. The Vorsteiner parts are under warranty from Vorsteiner.

I worked with my CA at BMW of Austin for all my accessories and parts. It is my 3rd M3 purchased from them.

I do not think you will have much luck to get any additional parts installed for your ED, but when the car gets back Stateside you should be able to have them accommodate you. We want pics from the ED.

Originally Posted by Jaythejet View Post
Is there a list of all the custom individual colors i could choose from other than BW?
I'm not sure there is a list of all the custom individual colors, but this is a newer thread with M3's in various individual colors.

I also have played around on other country's BMW sites for their individual colors. Remember to build different models as the colors offered for individual may be different across models.
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