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Originally Posted by Smith2287 View Post
I had a shop recently install the 9500 ci with the controls molded into the ash tray so the lid can close. They did a amazing job, on the custom install and it looks almost factory the way they blended it. I have two jammers behind my lower mesh front grill and the rear jammer is mounted via license plate bracket. The best part is the escort has GPS so after you pass a bank or a building more than twice it stores it and stops it from going off. If it goes off know on roads I normally travel I know to slow down asap.
Do you have pics of the laser heads behind the mesh? This typically isn't a good idea. If you're a bit off to the side of the car the mesh will block the signal. Quite often people with jammers stuck behind grilles will get a signal they are being hit, but are unable to jam the gun. You can get punch through at a far distance. Worst part is you'll think you're jamming them but you are not. Have you tried it yet with a laser gun to find out if it jams?