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Originally Posted by JCbmw22 View Post
Op Code 0000602 : "Replace Intake Silencermaint CBS INFO"
It's the air filter buddy, but the weird thing in the service called for 'microfilter' change, which are the A/C filters, but they're not supposed to do that anymore. I know for a fact my air filter wasn't replaced since it's somewhat dirty for only 200 miles after the service. I noticed it wasn't replaced during my intake removal, but it's really not necessary IMO after only 1,200 miles, so no biggie. And neither the A/C filters IMO, but those were replaced in my car (I checked).

BMW has a very weird way to name many things, including the universally used acronym TSB (technical service bulletin); they always like to be unique, and that's not good IMO. They finally caved in with their motorcycles by putting the damn turn-signal switch like everybody else (except HD, to be fair, but HD has 2 switches, not 3). Now I have to get used to new weird names for everything on the M3 . Oh well. Take care.