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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
K40 sucks. I had that first. The bluetooth is the worst part cause first you have to locate the remote, then it doesn't act instantly when you push the button. The LED's are so bright in the dash they light up the whole car at night and it always gets false alarms. Plus the laser jammer part is only alright. I tried it out with a cop friend one day and it only took a second till he was able to get a reading off me, and it was installed properly with the heads perfectly level and straight. The radar also isn't even close to the sensitivity of the V1.

Now I have an ruined instrument cluster with two LEDs stuck in it.

I have heard many negative reviews about the K40. Also with this system the RF receivers, are mounted usually in the front grill of the car which for radar is to low. Its a known practive to mount a radar dectector , in this case RF receivers for the K40, at the highest position possible. Currently I have a V1 and I have it located just below my rear view mirror. Never has it failed me today *knocks on wood*. The only issues I have with the Laser Interceptor is I read on a few websites the one used in testing vs other laser diffuser products was a high powered unit (which I see on Laser Interceptors website is being offered). The difference on this is the diodes in the device are much more powerful then in the standard kit thus increasing your range from detection. Hopefully everyone realizes these devices are intended to buy you time so you can slow down so when the officer finally gets a read on you its with in the speed limit.

J08M3 I envy your ability to install the system yourself. I myself am an Electrical Engineer but I would get blue balls when it comes to messing around with my car.