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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
It's not the gear shift jerk. It's the jerk from 2nd gear not engaging during reacceleration from slowing down. The 2nd gear will be slow to catch and then it'll finally catch and the car will lurch forward. The traffic is not completely stop and go so I'm stuck in that bad lag spot quite often. Driving in S mode sort of takes care of that, but I can foresee a huge hassle when I'm over-worked / post-call.
hey I wonder if this can be fix by doing a rev match manually by yourself. I think i start to understand exactly what dct delay is now.

In my SMG, I get these delay all the time because the trans doesn't know/or too slow to understand what gear it should be in on deceleration. So if I want to accelerate again, I just simply downshift by myself and blip the throttle. I can do this very quick from 4th down to 3rd, and 2nd, then accelerate again. All can be done within 1 second.

Maybe you guys should do the same in your DCT to avoid this issue.