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Originally Posted by doba_s View Post
This is so not true ... I had them on 3 BMW's behind the grilles and never had any problems ... They worked every time I have been hit ... You just need to position them right ... that's all ...
I test these setups all the time. If you're sensors are mounted behind the grille, I can almost guarantee you that I will easily get longrange PTs(punchthroughs) on your setup. I've seen it time and time again. If you are protected properly with your sensors mounted behind the grille, it would be the first I've ever seen. If you're ever in SoCal, let's test your setup and see who's right.

Originally Posted by doba_s View Post
and yes, they do look ugly and very noticeable on the picture above ... you wouldn't be able to drive like that in CA for sure ...
I live in Cali and my sensors are more exposed than that. I've been pulled over several times for whatever reason and never had a single problem. I'd say it's highly unlikely that any LEO will even notice those sensors.