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Originally Posted by AlpineM3 View Post
Pehapse i need to explain the situation. I in no terms meant to say my or any M3 can beat a 599. What i am saying is before this experience i didnt relly feel i had a fast car. I drive mostly stop and go to and from work. I can whole heartly say that the 599 WAS trying to shake me off....which he couldnt. Is the 599 faster yes... if i were the police and he were a suspect he would not have gotten away. Perhaps it was a self realitization (sp) that damn, i discounted my car way too much. To be able to hang to me meant he couldnt get more than about 50 yds away at any point. To me thats friggin awesome for a 70K car vs 300+.
Where was this? Maybe he did not want to get charged for street racing. I had a civic 'hanging' with me yesterday and I "could not shake him" because I was not trying. This guy in the civic even beat me accelerating from a red light because I let him.