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Voltigeur's M3 E92 pick-up at BMW Welt & 1st day ED

As featured on M3Post Homepage.

Had a great day at Die Welt - our 2nd visit. Was a year ago that we decided to return to pick-up our own M3 after my wife sat in a JzB E93 in 2008.

Also throwing in a few others ... may update later w/ some from the road trip to Provence. One note: in Muenchen 911s are dime-a-dozen (OK, so we were staying at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski downtown so ritzy area w/ high-end shops) - but also on the A-bahn to Starnberger See & around the lake the next day. I only saw ONE late model M3, an IB E90 - photo below - parked near our hotel.

I can see the car from the Premium Lounge - behind the column:

The Ramp - M3 in distance - you leave down this, "Star Trek"-like; it was an odd sensation to drive out and have BMW aficionados take photos of one's new M3 at 'birth' - not the pilot mind you - and that's cool, all about the M-heritage and what is says to the people who do make a pilgrimage to Die Welt.

(note: look below at mid-right - you will observe the nose of a BMW Sauber F1 car)

The Turntable - there 'he' is! An ///M-car.

< 1 mile and ALL that potential

Ready to take control of The Beast:

Dash, FR ext:

The drive around Die Welt's internal track before The Ramp:

Under Die Welt's vast portico:

The Strasse beckons:

"I like!"

M3 E90 outside the Hotel Kempinski, early 6/3/09:

Tight parking in the Kempinski but not too busy:

This 'Roller', with Dubai plates was parked outside the Kempinski. I asked the valet, "the owner flies it in when he visits..." - how the other 'half' lives:

A "Tankstelle" (gas station) in Muenchen close to the Hotel ... $115 a fill. Euro 'posters, I feel, well, felt, your pain - for a while No truck duallys would fit!

Driving in Muenchen:

Heads up: when turning right bicycles have right of way, so don't be barging across their minuscule, marked lines, a quick check-look over your RHS shoulder is advisable.

One of those pesky 911s that I could not run with due to run-in limitations - we were doing 160-170 km/h until he pressed on.

Stopped at Starnberger See - a lake we like close to Muenchen:
(can't get enough of Fox Red extended - it's not a 'pimp' colour - more sophisticated than that)

Had to stop by where we used to live (and got to lurv The Hump ):

"Spargel hunting" (glorious white asparagus you can buy fresh this time of year). People get very aggressive at the end of the day, one beeatch stopped in the middle of the Strasse behind us - blocked traffic - did not park, and rushed the stand. But she was too lazy to buy unpeeled Spargel so we got our 2 kgs

In the drive after a great day's Fahren in Bayern - had to keep to the run-in so being overtaken by 911s but also by Passat Kombis . A few days later an R8 blasted past by me at at least 250 km/h, nice.

Thanks for checking this batch out. Maybe a later installment: to Mulhouse -> Sth France.

-- V

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