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Originally Posted by attila View Post
Can anyone post a picture of the "so called pin" in the strout tower. I found a shop who is willing to do the alignment of my specs (if possible) if I willing to pull the pin myself. I took of the EDC cover and I saw a metal disc top of the shock but not the pin.
The pin is really a small screw on the strut tower. It is under the bracket that is connected to the strut bars. I don't have pics for the E92 M3, but here are some for the E46 M3:

If the guy at the shop is asking you to remove the pins and doesn't know how to do that himself, take it somewhere else who knows what he is doing as he might screw up your alignment altogether. The dealer should be able to do this for you. It's not a crime to have the alignment the way you want although they might recommend against more negative camber than stock up front due to tire wear on the street, etc.