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Originally Posted by AlpineM3 View Post
Hey guys, Just wondering what your thoughts would be on a few race/chases with an e-92 M3 DCT vs a Ferrari 599? Is it possible a 72K car can hang with a champ? Ill explain the scenerio later when i shake some excitement off.
If you are suggesting (by your excitement) that the M3 hung with the 599, then the 599 owners wasn't racing or was just pacing you to give you a hard time.

The 599 has similiar trap speeds as a Corvette ZR-1 (around 130-131 mph).
The Enzo trapped at 133 or so.

Get a G-Power Supercharger and put it at 9 psi and you might be within a few car lengths, but would still be behind as I'd guess you'd trap in the 128 mph range.
At the standard 6 psi it's probably in the 124-125 psi range (ZO6 neighborhood).