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Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
I agree with you, but you still gotta please the wife, or else........

I got into a HUGE battle with my wife since I wanted a 6 speed manual very badly as my transmission for the M3, but no matter what I did....It was hopeless.

....But I still ordered my M3 with a 6 speed manual since I wanted it THAT badly. My wife's still upset with me these days because of that, but I think it will all eventually get better. I can't help it if I'm a car enthusiast and I wanted the manual over the DCT. I hate the DCT!

Yeah, but pleasing your wife and letting her control your choices when buying YOUR car is two different things.
Your wife sounds controlling and sound like she wears the pants in your family, it's all good though, as long as she keeps YOU happy too.

As stated though, the C63 might be the ride for you.
But no 6MT, and you'll get about 11-12 mpg (I know the M3 doesn't get much better if you drive it half way aggressively).
Good luck with your wife's decision. sorry had to put one last little chain puller in there.