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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
Please clarify what this "highly tuned" 335 had done to it...i dont know any highly tuned 335 that sounds boring, but then again you know the WHOLE 335 community right.
it is because fanbois like you that gives 335 a bad rap in the BMW circles. The 335 I rode in was my friend's 335 that had JB3 and some basic bolt ons like exhaust etc. Yes, it sounded boring as hell. My 330 CI ZHP exhaust note sounds a lot nicer than that.

Btw dont compare a gt3 to a 335 or m3, there is no comparison at all.
If you are a fool enough to not even realize it was "metaphorically" speaking and not comparison, you are not worth wasting my time one. Case in point, GT3 997 runs a 12.0 secs stock in a straight line that could easily be matched by many cars out there that cost half as much. Yet, the sound, feel, excitement and thrill of driving a GT3 could not even dreamed of by those straight line wonder cars. It is classified as the most exciting 911 today, yet it is not even the fastest in the straight line compared to GT2 or Turbo.

Ive owned a e36 m3, 04 bmw 330ci, then 05 330cizhp, 03.5 m3 smg, and now the 335, and its pretty wierd ill never call this car boring. You know what was boring? my 330ci's...they were slow.
No sh*t with 235 HP, its got to be the slowest in a straight line. It still costs way less than any of those other cars. It is still the lightest of the bunch, tossable, tightest and probably has the best steering ratio that was only matched by the ZCP E46 M3 and not the regular M3. It is still the funnest car to auto cross in and toss around in the tightest corners.

Oh did I mention an E46 330 CI ZHP sedan looks wise >>>>>>>>>>>>> the 335 sedan/coupe??