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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
A lot faster with equal drivers. Close to a second faster so not even a comparison there (12.5 - 12.6 vs 13.4). Then again, modding it does not change what a high-performance car is supposed to feel and sound like. Like I mentioned before, the 335 sounds and feels downright boring as hell compared to M3 even after driving the highly tuned 335, it sounded just like any other dime a dozen 3-series. Does not matter even if it can go quicker than a Porsche 911 GT3 997 in a straight line, still it will never ever be able to feel and sound like a GT3. End of story.

Anyone who has the means and enthusiasm will never pick the 335 over M3 10/10. I know atleast 20 335 guys (many of them are on this board) that ditched their 335 the first chance they got to get an M3. Pretty much all of them were unanimous that M3 is just in a different league.
hey bro please stop posting every time you post you sound like more of an idiot every time....

loll didnt you say your 330ci zhp was a tad bit lower then an e46 m3? Guess what e46 m's were doing 13.4 and zhps 14.4, so suddenly when comaring a e92 m3 to a 335 it turns into not even a "comparison." Modding a car doesnt change its feel and sound?....ah ok right......a 335 sounds boring?...and an m3 sounds FERRARI like?

Please clarify what this "highly tuned" 335 had done to it...i dont know any highly tuned 335 that sounds boring, but then again you know the WHOLE 335 community right.

Btw dont compare a gt3 to a 335 or m3, there is no comparison at all.

Ive owned a e36 m3, 04 bmw 330ci, then 05 330cizhp, 03.5 m3 smg, and now the 335, and its pretty wierd ill never call this car boring. You know what was boring? my 330ci's...they were slow.