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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
I'd give my left nut for an exhaust if it could make it sound like this car:
It wont sound like a CGT, but I am hoping it accentuates that European raspiness that I can faintly hear when the M3 pulls away. I'm also hoping that its gets quite a bit louder when the valves are open with no change when they are closed. I'm looking forward to playing with them 1/2 or 1/4 open.

BTW, I have been thinking about where to put the switch. I've decided to use a oem headlight switch assembly to control them. I'm looking at the wireless remote for the valves now and it looks to me like its close to the right size for the two blank buttons on the right of the headlight switch.

I'm going to embed the wireless remote inside the headlight switch such that the two blank buttons control the valves; open (top blank) and closed (bottom blank). I may fab up some custom vinyl stickers for the buttons, but keeping it totally stock works too to be stealthy.

It looks like an extra oem headlight switch assembly costs $110. Maybe someone that upgraded would want to sell me one thats already upgraded with the fog light mod!?
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