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Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
Subscribed. Interested in something like this. Very impressed by what you've been doing here.

Question though, as I was following another valve project that I think was kind of like this. I was just wondering how long is the lifetime of the Race Ready valves in a situation like this. As time and heat goes by, I would think that the motors would go bad? And how hard/costly would it be to replace those once they reach the end of their lifetime?

Thanks in advance, I don't know much about those motorized valves.
It appears that the valves are not super reliable, but I bought what research tells me is the best ones with the best warranty. I am impressed with the build quality, they are not flimsy and they've thought about the gasket at the valve, etc. They are nice. We originally wanted to put the valves inside but soon realized it wouldn't be practical should one of the valves go bad.

As it stands now, if one fails, I just reach under, undo three bolts and the connector, and it comes right off. Replacement will be easy - no need to even jack the car up.

[UPDATE: RRP valves suck! I've been through two sets already - waiting a month for replacements each time. I would not buy them again..]
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